Introducing our new Website Monitoring Service



We are happy to announce the release of the Beta version of our new Website Monitoring Service.

Right now, anyone who desires may create an account and begin to use our new Website Monitoring Service free of charge. Existing users may add it in the billing section of their user account free of charge.

Before the commercial service plans are introduced, every user will automatically receive the complimentary Early Adopter service plan, under which all active tests added will remain free for life (with the exception of SMS notifications which will be obtained separately as needed).

After the commercial rates have been introduced, adding new tests will only be possible under the commercial service plan. Active tests added under the Early Adopter service plan will continue to operate without limitation until removed at the user’s own discretion.

Please note: The Website Monitoring Service is operating in the Beta mode. We do NOT recommend using it as your only solution for critical tasks.

Get on board!

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