Failover Website

A service for quick creation of fault-tolerant websites
compatible with all existing web solutions

We will help you retain
your customers

Thanks to Zilore Failover Website, visitors of your website will also know what happened to it and when it will become available again


Delegate your domain name

In order to start using our service, you don't need to change your hosting provider or move your site. Our experts will be happy to help you delegate your domain name to our DNS servers. In addition to the connected FWS service, you will have all the advantages of professional Anycast DNS hosting.

Configure your company's webpage

We have prepared several design templates for the page that your users will see in case your website becomes unavailable. Configure it to your taste: change the colour scheme, upload a logo, add contact information, links to social networks and a welcome text.

Configure notification methods

Add email addresses and phone numbers for notifications in case your site becomes unavailable. Give your customers an opportunity to receive notifications about your site going back online by email or SMS.


Our service constantly monitors the availability of your website from anywhere in the world. Should it go offline, we will automatically change the corresponding records and redirect users to your company’s webpage.

You will immediately receive a notification about the incident by email or SMS. Users of your website will be able to subscribe to notifications about website availability by email or SMS.


$ 0/month

Available free of charge on Professional and Business plans