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Zilore DNS is a perfect solution for home pages, websites of organizations, and large distributed web services.

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Managed DNS


Failover IP

Make your online projects more reliable fast, and secure with simple and functional DNS management service. Manage an unlimited number of domain names and resource records free of charge.

Configure different DNS responses for your users based on their geographic location. Direct users to the nearest servers.

Add back-up IP addresses for DNS entry. When the main address is not available, its value is automatically changed for the back-up one.


IP Anycast

IP Anycast technology helps reduce response time from DNS servers, increase reliability and resiliency of the service network infrastructure.

DDoS Protection

High-end analysis and malware traffic filtering technologies effectively protect our network infrastructure against DDoS attacks.

IPv4 & IPv6

Your domain names will function properly in all of the modern IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Instant Updates

Any changes in your domain names zones will be immediately available on our authoritative DNS servers all over the world.



View change history and restore previous states of your domain name zones in one click.


Create your own zone templates or use the ready ones with predefined records for popular Internet services.


View detailed statistics on the amount of requests for certain period of time on each of your domain names.

Web Forwarding

Configure web requests forwarding from your domain names or subdomains to other websites.

Mail Forwarding

Create email addresses inside your domain names and forward the emails to other mailboxes.

Low TTLs

Use low TTL values to boost changes propagation to Internet provider servers all over the world.


Web Interface

Use one of the best DNS management web interfaces — it is intuitive, simple, and functional.

API Coming Soon Coming Soon

Use functional programming interface to integrate service features into your applications.


SLA Coming Soon Coming Soon

We guarantee constant availability of our service because we are confident in its reliability.

Service Status

All information about state of all our services is available at the dedicated website.


Email Support

We will be happy to answer all your questions about how to use our service. Email or use the feedback form.

FAQ Coming Soon Coming Soon

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.

Priority Support Coming Soon Coming Soon

For our key customers we provide additional dedicated support line with minimum wait time.