Free — better than with discount!



During Black Friday, when everyone is offering discounts, we are happy to present our new, improved free tariff plan!

Now it includes:

 – 5 domain names;
 – 10 000 000 DNS queries per month per account!
 – 1 000 resource records per domain name;
 – One of the fastest and reliable anycast network in the world!
 – We support all popular DNS record types includes ALIAS type;
 – Convenient change history — 5 snapshots for each domain name;
 – Two-factor authentication (OTP).

For only $5 per month, you can improve your free plan and get:

 – Unlimited number of DNS queries;
 – Unlimited number of resource records;
 – Ability to add additional domain names;
 – Lower minimum TTL;
 – API;
 – Web forwarding;
 – Email forwarding
 – Email support;
 – SLA 99.95%.

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