Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreeement defines guaranteed availability of Zilore Limited’s Authoritative DNS servers. The Agreement does not cover services provided during the trial period; service plans that do not have Service Level Agreements; user accounts with overdue invoices and/or a negative payment history.

Zilore Limited guarantees the following:

Authoritative DNS servers (ns1.zilore.net, ns2.zilore.net) are software/hardware network systems from Zilore Limited that are responsible for authoritative responses to standards-compliant DNS requests sent to properly delegated users’ domain names within active service plans.

For the purposes of the present Agreement, unavailability of a DNS service means simultaneous unavailability of all Zilore Limited’s Authoritative DNS servers. Lack of access to a DNS service as the result of a user’s incorrect actions, intentional damage inflicted by a user to elements of the service, technical problems on the user’s side, and acts of God such as emergencies or natural disasters, are not taken into consideration when determining the availability of a service.

All claims are accepted by email at support@zilore.com within 120 hours from the detection of service unavailability. Zilore Limited will independently determine whether a particular claim is a breach of the present Agreement.

If a particular incident is admitted to be a violation of the availability guarantee, Zilore Limited shall offer non-material reimbursement by extending the current service plan by one month for each incident, but not more than three reimbursements in the current calendar month. Zilore Limited shall not offer money or any other sort of material reimbursement for violations of the service availability guarantee or any other incidents for which Zilore Limited is responsible.

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